WIWU Pencil Pro Universal Capacitative iPencil

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Product Description

WIWU Pencil Pro Palm Rejection Capacitive Stylus Pen


  • Small and light design, easy to carry. You can write, draw, mark, etc. anytime, anywhere.
  • Slightly tilted, you can dynamically adjust the line thickness according to the angle, just as easy as using a normal pencil.
  • Charging adopts magnetic absorption, which can be charged by one key, and it can be written for five hours continuously.
  • No Bluetooth or App required, just turn on/off by click the cap button 1 time with your finger, it will pair automatically.
  • The indicator shows the charging status.
  • Flat design on one side to avoid falling under the table or cabinet bottom.
  • Only for the iPad version of 2018 or above (the system can only be used after updating to 12.2 or later).
  • This pencil for iPad with palm rejection technology provides a natural and accurate writing feeling, no need gloves.
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