Borosilicate Glass Bottle With Tea/Ginger/Herbs Strainer Tea Infuser with free to Disassemble Thermos


This sturdy tempered glass double-walled thermos flask is ideal for making your perfect tea. Or to make delicious iced tea.


Material: Borosilicate glass, food grade PP, 304stainless steel, silicone gel.
Options: Cap, filter, splitter can be engraved.
Weight : 750g
Length: 9.5 inch
Diameter: 2.8 inch


-Made of Borosilicate Glass.
-Thicken rim and bottom.
-Environmental and healthy, bring you a easeful life.
-Portable Waterproof sleeve, soft and comfortable touch feeling, convenient to take out.
-Screw-on splitter and the tea filter can be engraved.
-Glass are thicken Leak-proof design.
-Heat resistance and corrosion resistance are higher than the ordinary good choice for home work, and outdoor.

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How to use

Fill the tea filter with your desired amount of tea. You fill your cup with boiling water and put the cap on. Because the tea leaves/bag remains in the infuser, you can steep and dose the tea as desired. Press the splitter button to fuse the brewed tea water with your drinking cup at the bottom. Then you fill it again with boiling water and off you go Twist and Tea!