6-in-1 Multi Function Electric Cooker Mini Hotpot (Stainless Steel Version)


Multifunctional electric cooker/ Kitchen cooking expert


Product name: Multifunctional electric cooker
Color: Beige, Green
Rated power: 300-600W
Slow gear: 300w
fast gear: 600w
Rated voltage:220V
Input power: Dual firepower
Material inside: Stainless steal
Material outside: High temperature resistant PP material
Length: 6 inch
Diameter: 7 Inch
Capacity: 1.8 liter
Separate wire: Detachable wire/plug to get rid of the shackles of wires
Porous cooling bottom: porous heat dissipation design prevents excessive heating

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-Make all kinds of food
-Easy to fry and bake
-360 degree uniform heating
-Spicy hot pot ready to make
-Stir-fry with high power
-Give food the right heat
-Anti-dry protection
-High temperature protection
-Warm hands not afraid of getting hot
-Steam up and boil down can cook the same time
-Anti-scalding handle comfortable grip, more convenient to hold
-Full circle heating plate faster heating anti-sticking bottom and anti-scorching


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Green, Beige