Multi-functional Vegetable/Fruit Dehydrator & Salad Spinner Hand Washing Machine



Name: Multi-functional vegetable dryer
Material: PP+PS.
Color: white + green.
Diameter: 9.84 x 9.84 inches
Height: 5.5 inches
Capacity: 3 ltr
Package Includes: 1pc
Made in China.

Steps for usage

1. Wash the fruits and vegetables to be washed in the basket and wash them;
2. Put the fruits and vegetables into the drain basket;
3. Put the drain basket into the washing basket;
4. Cover the cover & hold the lid with one hand and shake it with one hand;
5. Pour out the water from the water outlet.

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1.High-quality materials: Our unique fruit and vegetable dehydrators use premium pp+ps materials to ensure you have a healthy meal with long-lasting containers, bowls and filters.
2.Has rotate 360 ​​degrees design and based on the principle of centrifugal force,assists to safely and effectively wash contaminants from fruits, vegetables and will separate the water or liquids from your salad,vegetables with little to no effort.
3.Convenience: Spin run fresh lettuce under water, place in spinner, engage the lock and rotate spinning handle. Spin until you have reached your desired level of crispness and dryness.
4.This vegetable dryer tool can dry vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, etc.) and fruits in a few seconds by a fast centrifuge rotating mechanism.
5.Easy to dry, save time and effort, dehydration and washing vegetables, no longer afraid of hurting hands and contaminated food.
6.Versatile: No need to buy extra bowls to serve your vegetables, you can provide vegetables in this bowl and enjoy a healthy meal every day to create a healthier lifestyle.
7.It super easy to clean,has no any dead angle for germs growth after long time use than complicated design.
8.When you’re not spinning,the basket can be used separately as a colander or vegetables basket.Non-slip design and wide base keep bowl steady on your countertop.

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