Baseus 2-in-1 Capacitive Stylus Pen for Mobile / Tablet

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Product Description

  • This 2-in-1 pen not only oozes class and beauty with its alluring aesthetically satisfying appearance but it is also an ultimate writing tool. Whether you seek an ink pen for use on paper or a stylus for use with your tablet or mobile device this super cool pen does both!


    • It can be used for phone or iPad with sensitive touch and exquisite stroke.
    • Disk nib for electronic screen and oily nib for daily writing.
    • The soft silicone disk tip is covered with special coating, and is more accurate in location and
    • Compatible for |OS system, android system and Windows system, temporarily not compatible
      with the Windows system two-in-one tablet laptop.


    • Brand: Baseus
    • Material: Aluminum alloy + Silicone
    • Technology: Anodized coloring
    • Suitable for: Capacitive touch screen

    Baseus 2 In 1 Capacitive Stylus Pen For Mobile Tablet (3)Baseus 2 In 1 Capacitive Stylus Pen For Mobile Tablet (2)

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